Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cloud ready business intelligence with Oracle Business Intelligence 11g

Business Intelligence (BI) on the cloud represents the coming together of two key information technology (IT) trends – evolution of the cloud computing architecture as a cost effective, quick and efficient computing platform and use of business intelligence technology to reduce cost, gain insight and improve the quality and speed of business decisions.  Leading analyst firms like Gartner and IDC are predicting high adoption rates for applications deployed on private and public clouds.

Oracle is committed to delivering hardware and software solutions that are complete, open and integrated. Cloud computing is driving a significant part of Oracle’s product development plans – from enterprise applications to middleware, business intelligence technology, databases, servers and storage devices, as well as cloud management systems. Taken together, these developments are building off Oracle’s decade long leadership in underlying technologies like grid computing, clustering, server virtualization and dynamic provisioning, SOA, identity management and large scale management automation.

Oracle is committed to delivering business intelligence solutions that can be deployed both on the cloud and non-cloud mode.  Oracle Business Intelligence 11g, Oracle’s market leading BI platform has been architected to support both cloud and non-cloud deployments. A web services based SOA architecture along with full BI functionality and high scalability and manageability makes Oracle BI 11g suitable for cloud type deployment.

I recently authored a whitepaper that provides an overview of cloud computing along with Oracle’s cloud computing strategy and significant features of Oracle BI 11g that make it well suited for cloud deployments. The whitepaper also presents examples of customers who have deployed Oracle BI on the cloud.
The whitepaper is available here. Registration is free so please register to download and let me know of your thoughts.

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